This is the App page of ODMO program for Maximizing tree production with more contraints.

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We consider a plan for planting a type of agricultural tree.
There are N_t trees per acre, each tree yields W_tkg crop.
The cost for planting one tree is $C_t.
The price for 1kg yield in the market is $P_t.
A plan is considered to plant adding trees for more harvesting crop and increasing the profit. However,
for each tree added per acre the yield of each tree drop by W_d kg as an approximate estimation.
Note that the maximum number of trees per acre is not higher than N_m.
The maximum budget for plainting per acre is not higher than C_m (The minimum budget must be enough for Num trees)
The target is to optimize the number of planted trees per acre such that the yield profit is maximized.

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