This is the App page of ODMO program for Cropping plan optimization.

In this project, the input parameters represent three resources Employment, Water, Fertilizer supporting for a crop, the desired return is to maximize - Profit ($) .
The variables consider yield planting areas (>= 1) corresponding to the number of food crop types (corn, rice, wheat, millet, vegetable etc.).

We consider 3 crop types namely yield 1, yield 2, yield 3 with the standard requirement of resources.
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Input forms ($)

Crop types Employment (person/acre) Water source (m3/acre) Fertilizer source (ton/acre) Yield profit per acre ($/acre)
Yield 1 em1 wa1 fe1
Yield 2 em2 wa2 fe2
Yield 3 em3 wa3 fe3
Available resource (total) T_em (person) T_wa (m3) T_fe(ton)

Note that the total yield area is limited at acres.

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