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This is the App page of ODMO program for Maximizing turnover of Pig farm under different genders.

It is a fact that a selection of pig farming models (using food types) for maximizing pig farm profit. Our solution is to compare and assessment TWO models of pig farming:
  1. M-I - pig farming uses normal food,
  2. M-II - pig farming uses special food.
Obviously, the initialization, livestock deployment, costs and profits are different to TWO pig farming models.
Some technical information can be discussed as
Information M-I M-II Note
Livestock time (week) liveStockTime1 liveStockTime2
Amount of food (bag/pig) amountFood1 amountFood2
Cost ranges
1. Bran (VND) focost × 100 × 8 focost × 100 × 10
2. Labor (VND) labor1 labor2
3. Healthcare (VND) healthCare1 healthCare2
4. Others (VND) others1 others2 water, electric
Pig weight (export) (kg) weightExport1 weightExport2

To compare two models, we assume that each import piglet weighs 6 kg, and the price of piglets in model I and model II is respectively as
pigletpriceI = 1.2 excost
pigletpriceII = pigletpriceI + 5,000

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