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This is the App page of ODMO program for Maximizing turnover of turtle farm under different genders.

A turtle farm has a plan of feeding 3000 turtles from turtle children to the market. The information is shown in the following table.
Table. The turtle farming information (calculated for ONE turtle)
Month-old Weight (g) Amount of food (g/day) Total of food (g/month) Food cost (VND/month)
1 fo1 tfo1
2 fo2 tfo2
3 fo3 tfo3
4 fo4 tfo4
5 fo5 tfo5
6 fo6 tfo6
7 fo7 tfo7
8 fo8 tfo8
9 fo9 tfo9
10 fo10 tfo10
11 fo11 tfo11
12 fo12 tfo12

The time for importing child turtles is limited from the first month to the fourth month with the price as , , , VND/child, respectively. We suppose that the market price to sell turtles depending on their old with month 10, month 11, and month 12 as , , VND/kg, in turn. To keep turtles in the farm, the owner has to pay:
When are the optimal import time and export time for maximizing the turtle farm revenue?

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