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A commercial bank has started lending to businesses of small and medium scale in 10 business types for the next year. The information of business types is showed in the following table where
Business type Sign Business scale
(billion VND)
Upturn or
Growth forecast rate
(max. = 2, min. = 0)
Smart agriculture D1 Q1= Upturn P1=
Wind power D2 Q2= Upturn P2=
Real estate
(potential area)
D3 Q3= Upturn P3=
Electronic commerce D4 Q4= Upturn P4=
Logistics technology D5 Q5= Upturn P5=
Financial investment D6 Q6= Downturn P6=
Heavy industry
D7 Q7= Downturn P7=
Solar power D8 Q8= Downturn P8=
Beer, alcohol,
D9 Q9= Downturn P9=
Logging D10 Q10= Downturn P10=

The interest rate from loan amount is ri for the business type Di. This bank has the budget of 876 billion VND. It decides to offer loan packages to customers with loan package yi (billion VND) to customer i. To guarantee customers’ right, the amount of loan package yi must be in range from 20% to 120% of Qi.
How much of each loan package should they offer to each customer to maximize profit?

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