This is the app page of ODMO program for Maximizing long-term inverstment.

Supposing that you have an amount of money $ to invest over a period of time 5 years for 4 bonds. Each bond pays an interest rate that compounds per year and pay the principle plus compound interest at the end of a maturity period.
The information about bonds is given in the following table.
Bonds Purchased in year Maturity period of year Interest rate (%)
B1 \(p_1=\)1 \(m_1=\)4 \(ir_1=\)%
B2 \(p_2=\)5 \(m_2=\)1 \(ir_2=\)%
B3 \(p_3=\)2 \(m_3=\)4 \(ir_3=\)%
B4 \(p_4=\)2 \(m_4=\)3 \(ir_4=\)%

How is to maximize the total profit after 5 years?

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