This is the app page of ODMO program for total return maximization

Supposing to allocate money to bonds to maximize total return. A problem need to determine how to invest I0 = $ in following collection of bonds to maximize the annual return. To invest at least % money in short term and no more % high-risk, at least % fund go in to fax-free and at least % of total return be tax-free.
You can add or remove any number of bonds if you want, and the upload your csv file here
Your csv file should be in the following format
Bonds Annual return Maturity Risk Tax-free
1 r1 long high yes
2 r2 short low no
... ... ... ... ...
where r1 and r2 is the annual return (%) of bond 1 and 2.
You can download OUR CSV HERE and edit it according to your data.

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