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Fixing floor with 4 cell areas: \((h_1, w_1)\), \((h_2, w_2)\), \((h_3, w_3)\) and \((h_4, w_4)\), where \((h_i, w_1)\) are the length and width of cell area \(i\). The maximum area of cells are given in order as \(A_1\) = m2, \(A_2\) = m2, \(A_3\) = m2, \(A_4\) = m2. The threshold constraint of length and width ratio \(\alpha_{\max}\) = . It means that $$ \frac{1}{\alpha_{\max} } \leq \frac{h_i}{w_i} \leq \alpha_{\max}, \forall i. $$ The total maximum bounding length and width of the floor design are \(h_{ref}\) = m, and \(w_{ref}\) = m.
How to minimize the bounding box for floor design plan?

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