This is the app page of ODMO program for electrical power allocation

A government want to allocate electrical power to multiple new factories with the aim of using green power as much as possible. The requirement is that each factory just use one type of energy which produces from the same source. The power requirement of each factory is given in the following table.
Factory 1 2 3 4
Power requirement (mWh)

There are three electricity suppliers which use three separate resources for generating electricity, namely wind, water, and coal (than). The cost of setting lines and attenuation, which relate closely to the distance, are also important factors need to be consider thoroughly. The distances from suppliers to factories are given as follows
Factory 1 Factory 2 Factory 3 Factory 4
Wind power
Coal power

The cost of setting line is (thousand dollars/km), and the resistance on lines is (ohm/km), the voltage is kV.
The investment budget is (million dollars) and the maximum power each supplier can adapt is (mWh) (wind power), (mWh) (hydropower), (mWh) (coal power)
How to allocate the power with the aim to minimize the wasted power?

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