This is the app page of ODMO program for Airport Taxiway Optimization

To build a smart airport system, flight schedule, operation, management have to be optimized in order to enhance the quality of service and reduce cost. In this model, we propose the problem of taxiway distance minimization. Taxiway is the way where airplanes travel slowly between terminals and runways. The distances between terminals and runways in large airports are really long. Therefore, designing a smart schedule to minimize taxi distance can not only reduce the moving duration of airplanes, but also reduce the cost of energy consumption.

An airport has R runways and T terminals. We want to allocate runways for flight arrivals, terminals, and runways for flight departure. There are three strict constraints:
  1. Every flight has exact two taxi movements.
  2. No runway is used by more than one flight during each time slot.
  3. Terminal capacities are not exceed. Assume that one gate has a space enough for one airplane.
The required data consists of flight schedule, taxiway distances, and terminal capacity. The template is as follows

Table 1. The flight schedule
Arrival Departure
Flight 1 SC1,1 SC1,2
... ... ...
Flight F-1 SCF-1,1 SCF-1,2
Flight F SCF,1 SCF,2

Table 2. Taxiway distances between terminals and runways
Terminal 1 ... Terminal T
Runway 1 DI1,1 ... DI1,T
... ... ... ...
Runway R DIR,1 ... DIR,T

Table 3. Terminal capacity
Terminal 1 ... Terminal T
#Gate CA1 ... CAT

The template data excel OUR EXCEL TEMPLATE. Please download and edit it according to your own data. (Do not change headers and sheet names)
Upload your own xlsx data file here

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