This is the app page of ODMO program for minimizing the cost of transportation plan.

A commanding officer (CO) has been tasked to move the battalion outinto the field for a major exercise.
The CO has been informed that only a maximum of vehicles is allowed, each to be used for a single round trip.
There are two types of vehicles available to the CO, a Mack vehicle that can carry m3 and a Mercedes vehicle that can carry m3.
The Mack vehicle is estimated to use L of fuel on a round trip, whereas the Mercedes vehicle will only use L of fuel per round trip.
The battalion has a total of L of fuel available. The vehicles will require maintenance after each round trip;
each Mack vehicle requires h and each Mercedes h. The maintenance squadron has h available.
The problem information is summarized as shown in the following table.
Single round trip
Types of vehicle Used fuel (L) Maintenance (h) Load carrying ability (m3)
Mack $50$ $3$ $24$
Mercedes $25$ $9$ $16$
Available resources $4000$ $720$

To move a maximum amount of cubic meters, what mix of Mack and Mercedes vehicles should the CO choose?

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