This is the app page of ODMO program for minimizing oil consumption in bus allocation problem.

A transportation company is assigned to allocate buses for 5 routes by the city council. This is a part in the long-term strategy of this city with the topic 'energy saving'. The award and profit will be proportional to the amount of oil saving (lit).
The information about length and passengers in each route is given in the following table.
Route 1 2 3 4 5
Length (km) \(l_1=\) \(l_2=\) \(l_3=\) \(l_4=\) \(l_5=\)
Passenger (people) \(p_1=\) \(p_2=\) \(p_3=\) \(p_4=\) \(p_5=\)

The information about the numbers and parameters of all types of buses is given in the following table.
Bus type Capacity (people) Oil consumption (lit/km) Number of buses
1 \(c_1=\) \(e_1=\) \(n_1=\)
2 \(c_2=\) \(e_2=\) \(n_2=\)
3 \(c_3=\) \(e_3=\) \(n_3=\)

How many buses should be assigned to each route for minimizing the oil consumption?

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